For better information on the price we will gladly prepare a quotation.
Prices for translation and localization

Prices of translations/localization dependent on many factors. Before you process a customer's specific benefits for a quote, we need to have certain information.

If you give us the basic parameters of the contract we will contact you and further discuss the particulars:

  1. language combination
  2. date of delivery,
  3. requirements for proofreading
  4. how the text is repeated
  5. what is the format of the source text,
  6. what will be the total range
  7. whether it is possible to use previous translations
All these factors have a significant impact overall cost.

Exotic languages are more expensive than the normal common languages. The price will affect the type and number of corrections, which depend on the intended use of the translation. Repeating the text and format of the source text are in turn affects the use of CAT, and hence the price.

Also we will discuss with you what units will be translated or localized for charge. WE definitely recommend the words of the original text.

Prices DTP and graphic works

Graphical documents mainly depends on:

  1. the total amount of graphics,
  2. difficulty of graphic work,
  3. format of source and target text
  4. uses print output processing of documents. It is important to decide at the beginning of work, whether the document and its content processed in RGB or CMYK.
That we can process the bid DTP, please send, at least the following information.

Prices interpretation

After obtaining all requirements, we will then discus all necessary details:

  1. type of interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous)
  2. combination of interpreting languages
  3. the number of interpreters
  4. the nature of interpretation (business meetings, presentations, etc..)
  5. number of hours with interpretation,
  6. number of participants
  7. place of interpretation.

Our project manager will then create a quotation with details in accordance with the specifications and the breakdown of the various cost items.

Approximate rates
Prices for the word
Into the Slovak: Slovak to:
English 0,05 English 0,06
German 0,05 German 0,06
French 0,07 French 0,08
Italian 0,07 Italian 0,08
Spanish 0,07 Spanish 0,08
Slovene 0,07 Slovene 0,07
Croatian 0,07 Croatian 0,07
Hungarian 0,07 Hungarian 0,07
*All prices are in Euros
*All word rates exclude VAT and are valid until December 2011.
Price indication:
To obtain a specific quotation, please fill out this short form. Immediately after receiving it, we will contact you and discuss the details of your enquiry.