Die All-in-One Business Lösung We publish material focusing on the translation of technical and scientific literature.

Techdoc, Ltd. was one of the the first Slovak companies to work with desktop publishing, focusing on technical literature. It was established in 2008, developing from the original company from Beryl, Ltd., which had worked in this field since 1992. Under experienced management, the staff are certified and have enjoyed long-term cooperation with a wide network of importers, particularly in the automotive industry. Sophisticated technology, years of know-how and a well-established database allows us to respond to all requests effectively and with flexibility. Our range of experience enables us to provide for the creation of diverse and attractive publications, from fiction to cartography to operating instructions for the final consumer.

The most important part of our work in the company is providing translation services. In a gradual transition we have progressed from from prepress documents to literature which focuses on technical training and preparing foreign documents for local consumption. We are convinced that an open economy like the one in Slovakia needs to adapt in order to be competitive, and so it needs a ready supply of translated resources in a range of business and scientific documents dealing with standards and and technical procedures. So we have gradually built up a network of experts in many fields and recruited educated translators who now carry out these translations.

Our company is technically equipped so that we can ensure the smooth progress of work, culminating in a final product designed according to customer requirements. Today, we are ready to offer our customers professional services and software accessed through the latest equipment, all provided by personnel who are constantly training to remain up to date in their field. Of course, the creative atmosphere of our team has a positive effect, both on individual staff members, and on the services they provide.

The main language focus of Techdoc is Anglo-Saxon, so the languages are English, German and French. Everyday experience showed us that it was necessary to increase our number of languages and we, therefore, decided (in 2011) to expand our range to include both Spanish and Italian. This is a trend we would like to continue in the future.
In this website we want to offer you quality work, reliability, and flexibility, all at an affordable price. It is our philosophy not to try to convince you that we are the cheapest or best. Our main concern is to offer you quality services and make you feel you can turn to us now and return to us at any time in the future.
We are here for you and we wish to make things always better for you.